Creative Process Workshop - Bibury, Cotswolds


It must have been last summer when I decided I should visit more places across Britain.  Days off were like gold dust to me: never to be wasted and usually saved for overseas travel. Perhaps it was listening to some American friends romanticise about this little part of the world, in the way that one often can about faraway lands, or maybe it was something else that spurred me on.  Whatever the catalyst, I am glad to have taken the time over the last year to explore new places on this little island I call my adopted home.

That being said, my first blog post begins somewhere that is not new to me at all: Bibury - a small village nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds, where tourists flock to in their droves each year.  So picture perfect are the golden limestone-clad cottages of Arlington Row that you could be forgiven for thinking they were a figment of an artist's imagination.

I first visited Bibury five or so years ago for a friend's wedding and a variety of reasons has drawn me back at least once a year since. This summer, my purpose for returning to Bibury was for Ginny Au's Creative Process Workshop.  Ginny was kind enough to allow me to document the proceedings (alongside Erich McVey, the official photographer!).

I always think there is something extra special about creating with local materials, be it local ingredients for cooking or, in this case, locally grown flowers and foraged plants for floral design.  The first afternoon of the workshop was spent at a local flower farm where the workshop participants could gather English summer blooms to their hearts' content.  

Drawing inspiration from the local environment is a key part of Ginny's design philosophy and creative process.  Luckily, the English summer rain just about held off for the entirety of the workshop and much could be made of the beautiful surroundings.  

A huge thank you to the creative leaders of the workshop: Ginny Au, Ginny Branch, Sarah Winward and Erich McVey for an inspirational few days, and all the talented workshop participants who allowed me to photograph them and their beautiful work.