Wabi Sabi Workshop - Kurokawa, Japan


Reading Tanazaki's essay, In Praise of Shadows, over the festive period has prompted me to (finally) post my photos from the workshop I attended last spring in Japan. This was my second visit to Japan: 10 glorious days in the the Land of the Rising Sun, starting in Kyoto, then travelling South to Mount Aso for the workshop, and then stopping off briefly at Hiroshima before returning to Osaka for my flight home.  The entire trip - the food, the hospitality, the sights, the accommodation (i.e. everything) - generates too many superlatives In my mind and I was even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the famous Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom just before I left.

The workshop itself was set at an onsen, high up in a secluded forest on the volcanic Mount Aso in Southern Japan; I could not have asked for a more inspiring place to explore the Japanese aesthetic philosophies of wabi sabi and mono no aware - the beauty of imperfection, and the acceptance of ephemerality and impermanence.

And just a few photos from Kyoto.